Privacy Policy

This is the VIEW MY FARE Group's standard data protection and privacy policy.

We never make compromises regarding your privacy. We always make it clear why we need the information we need, and we take steps to keep your personal information as secure as we can. 

·        Why do we gather information?

To fulfill our obligations as travel agents, we must collect and use certain information. It involves naming, generating, and managing travel arrangements on behalf of our esteemed clients.

The data applies to:

1.     Information about the individual and their contact information, including title, complete name, address, phone number, and email address.

2.     If any airline asked about your nationality, birthdate, and passport number

3.     Payment information includes the cardholder's name, card number, security code, and expiration date.

4.     Frequently information relates to automobile rental information and hotel room numbers as well.

5.     Dietary information and health issues for better services.

6.     Fill out forms on our website: email address and other details about us so we can keep you informed about our newest offers and services. 

7.     Call recording for staff training or quality assurance.

8.     Information on social media for more communication with our loyal customers

9.     Cookies and IP address: Our servers may record information about your computer or other device, the network you connect to us, and your IP address when you access our website.

·        How are your private details shared?


Your personal information may be shared for a variety of purposes, such as helping you plan your trip or vacation, assisting you during your stay, communicating with you about services, or letting you get in touch with travel suppliers or property owners), and complying with the law. 


·        Legal basis of a data sharing    

We cannot process your booking reservation if you do not provide the requested information like your personal information and contact information which are only used to complete the trip reservations you made on our website. This information consists of dietary information, payment information, passport information, date of birth, and several flyer numbers.

For direct marketing communications, we utilize this data. It enables us to provide you with pertinent goods, services, and special offers. We use it for a variety of purposes, including booking administration, updating you on changes to your schedule, and confirmation of your journey, and this enables us to get in touch with you for customer support.

Your information is used to provide you with future services like promotions, new merchandise, contests, etc. We supply information for this via data communications, text messages, and emails. If you want to avoid this type of message, you can e-mail us. We collect it for processing your information with your permission. When you click on the box that was given on our website for getting email newsletters, your information may be used for sending you relevant promotional fares.


·        Your privileges while processing your data

You have the following rights when we process your data. You're entitled to; 

1.     Verify it as we process your information.

2.     If it is inaccurate or lacking, you may make changes.

3.     If there is no compelling reason to keep processing your data, ask us to erase it.

4.     Please ask that we revoke your consent.