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·       You will be informed of the payment options after your Booking Request. While the majority of reservations are paid in full at the time your Booking Request is submitted ("Pay Now"), we may occasionally provide you the choice of paying during telephonic conversation. 

·       Once you have completed your Booking Request, you allow the website name to charge or debit your Payment Instrument for the entire booking price.

·       If necessary, we retain the right to cancel your reservation on behalf of the Travel advisory. If the full amount of your booking is not received promptly, on the intended Charge Date for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, including on behalf of the Travel Supplier, if applicable.

·       The travel supplier that is providing you with the travel product can provide you with local tax bills. view my fare - may give you a tax invoice when explicitly compelled to do so by law.

·       Payment on our platform may be unsuccessful for several reasons. When this occurs, view my fare will make every attempt to provide you with alternatives so that your reservation may proceed or will repay you by our refund policy.


Modifications, cancellation, or refund policy

·       Please follow the instructions carefully while confirming the email, or get in touch with customer care if you need to review, modify, or cancel your reservation.

·       Any modifications, cancellations, or refunds to your confirmed booking are applied according to the terms and conditions including any extra costs that may be levied by the Travel Supplier, as well as the applicable booking conditions. Before making your reservation, you should carefully review our Refund Policy the cancellation process, and the booking terms for your chosen reservation. Please be aware that certain reservations may not be changed, canceled, or refundable.


·       When you send a Booking Request to the website name, you verify and guarantee that:

·       You are at least 18 years old  and have the full legal capacity to enter into the transaction 

·       The Payment method that you are using to make the booking is yours or that you have the authority to use to make the booking, and that it has enough money on it to pay the transaction's costs;

·       The payment data you give us while submitting a booking reservation is accurate in every aspect. While making reservations you will satisfy all your commitments, taxation, withholding, or otherwise, as required by applicable law.

·       You also undertake to provide accurate contact and other details which are necessary for booking or use of our Platform.


·       view my fare may support promotional costs, vouchers, and discounts from time to time. Additional guidelines and unique criteria that apply to promotions will be announced on our platform and may occasionally be changed by us. Promotions are not redeemable for cash, credit, or other goods, and they also cannot be exchanged for them. 

·       If your voucher is not immediately applied, you must do so on the checkout page to utilize your reservation. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, local taxes, service fees, and other expenses associated with your booking will not be covered by promotions.

·       Any Promotion may be discontinued at any time for any cause, according to the website name. 


·       Our organization has strict systems in place for detecting and preventing fraud. To verify and confirm your reservation, we might occasionally need more details or proof. Your Booking Request will be canceled because it is insufficient if you decide not to provide the required information or if we are dissatisfied with the information provided, and any sums charged will be reimbursed. During the fraud check, a Travel Product can become inaccessible, in which case the booking won't be accessible. You recognize and accept that in such situations Agoda shall not be held accountable.

Advisory service

·       You are in charge of making sure you meet all legal criteria before entering a nation or territory, including any visa and health requirements. website name advises that you study travel bans, warnings, announcements, and advisories and confirm with the relevant consulate before booking and before departing since these rules are subject to change without notice. You must make sure you are covered, either by your insurance provider or by any potential insurance offered by the travel suppliers. Agoda does not assume any liability for the insurance procedure and advises purchasing adequate coverage from a complete travel insurance policy before leaving.

·       view my fare does not guarantee or promise that travel to certain locations, where Travel Products are displayed, is prudent or risk-free, and Agoda shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages that may arise from such travel. You are strongly encouraged to review the pertinent travel warnings your government has issued for any nation you plan to visit and to take the appropriate safety measures.